“Self-Affirmation” Age!~英語版メンタルエイド


“Self-Affirmation” Age!

“The art of thinking that changes the future” channel tells you from “Mental Aid”

While introducing songs of various genres and entertainment of laughter, it is not only the spread of the COVID19 infection, but also a “mental care specialized type” plan that will face your heart, heal, and turn into a smile, which is likely to be crushed by the worries and anxiety that are having in various things in this world.

“BRAND-NEW MUSIC DAYS”introduces songs that are like your “always by the side, heal your heart, and spend a peaceful time” with one theme every time.

What song do you want to deliver to your heart this time?

It is “Azato-kawaii” of the Hinatazaka46.   

【Hinatazaka46】Azato-kawaii 4:51 (Released in 2020)

The word “Azato-kawaii” that is often heard these days, do you know?

There is a negative image of “azatoi” and a positive image of “cute

It is a word that is combined with “I”, but put a positive word on the buttocks of the word I don’t think I’m the only one who finds it “fascinating” by

Now, in the japanese people who represent the “Azato-kawaii”, you may think of these people, don’t you think of them?

(Left side)Minami Tanaka, (Right side) Ayaka Hironaka <TV-Asahi announcer>

If you think about “Azato-kawaii” from them

  • “Show weakness in strength”
  • “It’s actually solid to look freewheeling.”
  • “I look good in love, but I’m actually committed to it”

It will be a feeling, but now as [Azato-kawaii] people, each type is different,

It’s attracting attention, isn’t it?

It may seem difficult to express this skillfully, but it is surprisingly easy to do it just by being aware of one thing.

What is that awareness?

I think it’s about raising self-affirmation.  ​

In other words, it is important to have a good understanding of yourself.

By constantly facing yourself, you will look at the strengths and weaknesses in you, and never hide your weaknesses as “who you are” and make your thoughts positive by loving yourself.

It is the one.

Well, there are two things you need to do to do it.

  • To play the role of you that people see
  • Exposing yourself

In my daily life, I think that there are many people involved, but people around me create “your image” without permission.

In a bad image, it is “ochokochoi“, it is “insensitive“, in a good image it is “attentive” or “always smiling“,

This is “image from the people around” to the last

You may be tired of being at the mercy of this.

Even if you think “the real I’m different”, you will be pulled by that image…

Why don’t you try to make it into the image around you?

By thinking, “Is it seen like that it’s really different?“, you can create room in your own mind, and you can see the movement of people’s minds naturally.

Then, you will be able to identify “what you are looking for” from the other person’s remarks and movements, and sometimes be able to focus your eyes on you by “acting out” natural.

However, in this, only “wisdom turned and became clever” and the image of “azatoi”precedes …

I have to be azatoi and cute”  

Japanese say [Azato-kawaii](^-^)

So you’ll need one more thing.

It is “Exposing by yourself”.

By inging up to the image around you, people around you will accept your image as it is, but then the people around you will gradually change your image to something that “doesn’t look like it.”.

Why not?

Because it will fix the image.

“She always has a smile on his face, so there is no trouble”, “If you consult her, you will get an answer, so she will solve even difficult things”.

Then, you have to play that stance for a long time according to the people around you, so strange feelings such as “I want to be seen as liked by others” will sprout …

Here is the appearance of “just the way you are“.

It feels embarrassing to show yourself, but the larger the gap between the image around you and be yourself, the greater the empathy of the people around you, the stronger and deeper it becomes.

Of course, I think that it is quite difficult from the first meeting, but there is no doubt that you can feel “cute” not only from the opposite sex but also from the same sex in the “be yourself” that you can glimpse suddenly while each other becomes close.

This will only lead to “self-affirmation”.

I believe that we can “support, work together, and love each other” by sharing “images and be yourself” not only with you, but also with the people around us.

If your mind and body become unbalanced and you think only about denying yourself, you can’t move forward.

For stress-free relationships, let’s get more and more self-affirming!