【KingGnu】Sanmon Novel~Know what “Valuable Life”


“The art of thinking that changes the future” channel tells you from “Mental Aid”

While introducing songs of various genres and entertainment of laughter, it is not only the spread of the COVID19 infection, but also a “mental care specialized type” plan that will face your heart, heal, and turn into a smile, which is likely to be crushed by the worries and anxiety that are having in various things in this world.

“BRAND-NEW MUSIC DAYS” introduces songs that are like your “always by the side, heal your heart, and spend a peaceful time” with one theme every time.

What song do you want to deliver to your heart this time?

It is “Sanmon Novel” performed by “KingGnu”. 

KingGnu is a Japanese foursome male mixchar band.

Total playing time : 4:42

Know what “Valuable Life”

means from King Gnu‘s hit song “Sanmon Novel”

There is the one “Nisoku-Sanmon” in four character idiomatic compounds of Japan.

It comes from the price of sandals, and in the words of the day, it will be like “cheesy”, “not enough”, “poor quality”.

In English, it’s “Next to nothing”.

In light of this, it is easy to think of life like the title of a song, “Sanmon novel”, as a life that is worthless, but my view is that “no person’s life is wonderful, even if there are twists and turns”.

There are some people who say “winning team” and “losing team”, but I think that these people are people who can measure their value only by “labor productivity”, but I will say clearly to these people here.

It is nonsense to measure the value of life on labor productivity alone.

(There is only the value of next to nothing for the man who cannot measure it only so)

If we are to find value in each person’s life, the first thing that comes to mind is that many people it may be “the thickness of humanity”.

In my life so far, it’s about “how many people love you” and “how many people need you,” but I’m a little different. it is not a good place to go

what I think is that “before”

It will be “How much do you love you?”

If you can’t love you now, the factors you can’t love will bind your heart, and the stronger it is, the more difficult it is…

It is better to suppress your feelings and listen to what you say silently. If you keep being told that it’s the rules of society

“You’re a good old man, don’t you know anything like this? “If you keep being told that …

You’re always compared to other people and say, “You’re zero, even if all the other guys get good grades. Aren’t you playing?” Do it better!” If you keep being told…

Everyone will think, “I’m a bad person…”

Is that really the case?

From my point of view, there are few things in Japan that are useful to go out into society in school.

There are still things that are useful in life by being taught after you go out into society.

Why is that?

The study at school is “knowledge as an academic discipline”, “morality of obedience”, not “wisdom to live”, “morality to nurture individuality”.

When you’re a child, you’re “pure” in a way, so if you do whatever you’re told, that’s what you’ll end up with, and no one denies it.

It is only that the evil has come out after it went out to the society.

So you don’t have to think, “I’m a bad person…”

You just have to express yourself as you are.

There must have been a lot of people’s love and warmth in the social environment in which you were born and grew up.

When you think that everything you see, hear, touch, and feel is “you now”, you can say that “at that time, at that moment, you have irreplaceable value”.

There are two “please” from me to you like that.

One is “what I want you to do”.

The other is “what I want you to be aware of.”

First of all, what I want you to do is to heal your heart.

I want you to tell your heart before going to bed at night or when you wake up in the morning…

“Thank you for every day. I’m good with me.”

And what I want you to be aware of is that now you are alive.”

In probability theory, MAX is 100%, but if you discuss the possibility, everyone ∞“.

Let’s nurture the joy of living together, not only you but also the people who love you, because you should be chewing on it in the same way.

What will be connected by firmly keeping these two firmly in place?

It will be connected to “it is worth just being alive”, which Mr. Taro Yamamoto continues to be vocal about on the streets and on YouTube.

Valuable life is measured by humanity, not labor productivity.

120 million lives, all of which are “valuable lives”

Even if it does not go “as it is”, it is most important to continue to be “just the way you are” ,and if I can love and heal myself, I think that there will surely be more people who love you and care about you.