“The opposite of happiness is also happy”~幸せになるための心の持ち方


“Mental Aid” sent from “Thinking technique that changes the future” ch.

While introducing songs of various genres and entertainment of laughter, it is not only the spread of the COVID19 infection, but also a “mental care specialized type” plan that will face your heartheal, and turn into a smile, which is likely to be crushed by the worries and anxiety that are having in various things in this world.

“BRAND-NEW MUSIC DAYS” introduces songs that are like your “always by the side, heal your heart, and spend a peaceful time” with one theme every time.

What song do you want to deliver to your heart this time?

It is “Horizon” performed by "backnumber".   

Total playing time : 5:13

“backnumber” is a Japanese three-piece rock band.


“The opposite of happiness is also happy”

In this [Mental Aid], I will introduce back number’s hit song “Horizon”.

The reason I chose this song on this theme was because I felt that “the thoughts and actions that are spreading in this world are projected”.

If the world that spreads in front of you now is unhappy on the horizon, there will be happiness in the other side of the sky you look up at, but this is “generalism” to the last.

Strictly speaking, there is no boundary between happiness and unhappiness anywhere, but it is still easy to think that “the opposite of happiness is unhappy” at times …

Even if you look it up in a Japanese dictionary, it may not be a mistake because it says “the opposite of happiness is unhappy”, but why on earth does the opposite of happiness become unhappy?

Or do you think so?

Happiness and unhappiness

Let’s think about the definition from each point of view.

From a positive point of view, each person is happy, such as “friends”, “assets”, and “money”.

other words, happiness is what your values decide.

Next, if you look at it from the opposite point of view, it can be said that “the definition of happiness changes depending on what you feel unhappy with”.

example, for those who advocate poverty as a factor of unhappiness, “money” is the definition of happiness, and for those who advocate “loneliness”, “companion” is considered to be the result.

From each point of view, what is the actual fact?

The answer is “The opposite of happiness is also happy” in the theme.

How can you say that?

Happiness is “happiness” for everyone, as you can see by turning the Japanese word “happiness” upside down and becoming “happy”, but from the opposite point of view, you can understand that the part where you feel happiness from various values is different.

This is as I mentioned earlier, with examples.

Then, why does the person feel “Unhappiness”?

My view is that it’s because I think something is missing.

What becomes when the number of drawings decreases from the kanji “幸” character … it becomes the Kanji called “辛” means “painful”.

You may feel “unhappy” because you may think that it is “insufficient”, and you will be excited to try to regain it or get it further, but no matter how much you look at it, “happiness” may remain “painful”.

I feel that this “one more fraction is missing”binds your values to “unhappiness”.

I candidly ask you if you are chasing what is missing and spending time with uns filled thoughts.

What is the “missing thing”?

Where does “uns contented feeling” come from?

I think that’s because neither of you is lacking in care of your own mind.

I also give a great ale in “moving forward without being satisfied with the current situation”.

If you say “I’m working hard! But there’s still more to come! Let’s do every we can!” It is a state that feels like.

You can see that you are looking to the future.

However, it is different in “not being satisfied with the current situation”.

For example, “Don’t stay like this. We have to do something!” It is a state that feels like.

You can see that there is a vague “anxiety” holding up its head in front of you, desperately trying to scrape it off.

What do we know here?

You are unaware that your heart is exhausted.

Specifically, “you are trapped in the short-ahead and you are losing yourself.”

The reason for this is that you are no longer interested in anything other than your own values, but it would be difficult if this was the case…

So what should I do is really simple.

Let’s start by feeling happy and cherishing what is in front of you now.

(I don’t mean “stay where you are.”)

There is a custom in Japan that “someone’s happiness is someone’s unhappiness is the way of the world”, and it is easy to think that “a world where everyone feels happy” is “utopia”, but I affirm that is never the case.

  • Take a good look around you.
  • Listen to the sounds you hear.
  • Feel the sunlight and wind.
  • And let’s talk to your heart, “Now I’m happy.”

People who love you, important people, flowers blooming on familiar roads, people who surround you and talk with smiles are all supporting your happiness.

No matter what the world is like, it’s immutable, and I think everyone feels happy.

It starts with “feeling happy and cherishing what you are now.”

You will see things that make you feel really happy caring for your own mind.

I want you to realize that it is not “the thing in the near future” or “the visible one”, but “the one that continues to the future” and “the invisible thing”.

When you notice it, you will feel happiness that is more difficult than anything else.

And let’s spread that to the people around you more and more.

By doing so, the world called “Utopia” will be embodied more and more.

I will say it as many times as I want because it is important.

Live with a feeling that you are happier to be filled with invisible things than what is visible!