“Conscious of unconsciousness” = “Being natural”~【メンタルエイド】英語版


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While introducing songs of various genres and entertainment of laughter, it is not only the spread of the COVID19 infection, but also a “mental care specialized type” plan that will face your heart, heal, and turn into a smile, which is likely to be crushed by the worries and anxiety that are having in various things in this world.

“BRAND-NEW MUSIC DAYS” introduces songs that are like your “always by the side, heal your heart, and spend a peaceful time” with one theme every time.

What song do you want to deliver to your heart this time?

It is “Butter” performed by "BTS". 

BTS is a seven-piece male hip-hop group in Korea.  

Total Performance time 2:50

“Conscious of unconsciousness” = “Being natural”


People do about 35,000 things a day.

What do you think of when you hear this?


A big number suddenly appeared in front of me.

Your surprised face seems to come to mind (laughs)

This is the total number of choices that people are making in 24-hour conversion per day.


It is such a feeling if a detailed story is told.

  • When the alarm clock rings in the morning, “Stop or not”
  • Changing pajamas is “After washing your face?
  • Breakfast is “Rice or bread?”
  • I drink “coffee or milk?” Tea?” etc.

If these choices are counted in 24-hour conversion per day, it will be about 35,000 times.

Were you aware that you were doing this much?

I’m not proud of it, but I didn’t (laughs)

In some data, there is also a number of “60,000 times”, so even if you think of it as an average value, you have a considerable number of choices.

The action of “choice” that people are always doing in performing certain actions.

Have you noticed that much of it is going “unconsciously”?

(Well, I’m unconscious because I’m not aware …)

By being aware of the unconscious, you will be able to encounter “hidden charms” that you do not yet know, and you will be able to expand your individuality and range of choices.

“Conscious of unconsciousness”…

It’s getting somewhat difficult… You who think.

Don’t worry about not being so bothered!

It’s very simple.

However, if you expand the range too much, it will be confusing, so let’s narrow this down to the category of fashion!

What are you aware of when choosing fashion?

After confirming the color, texture, size, price, you will choose “buy or not”.

But by the time you get to “buy or not”, it includes a lot of things that you do without awareness.

What is it?

One thing is “choosing whether to suit or not to your liking”.

Let me give you an example.


Suppose you enter a fashion brand shop to buy clothes.

Trendy fashion and clothes tailored to the season are lined up, and it is exciting just to look at it.

Meanwhile, the clothes displayed in what care caught your eyes.

You think…

“This might be good.”

I will ask you a question in this scene.

  • What is the factor that “caught your eyes” on clothes displayed?
  • What are the factors that made you think “this may be good”?

Most people will probably say “Somehow …”.

That “somehow …” is called “unconsciousness”.

What is the way anyone can do this “unconscious awareness”?

The answer is simple!

“Being natural”


What do you mean?

It’s about accepting what you feel, like “pretty” or “cute.”

In things, I want to explain why people are doing things, but do you spend time with a reason even for sensitivity?

If there is a person who chooses clothes while saying ,“This is clothes that suit me because the color is beautiful and feels good, and the form and style are perfect”, it is noisy and irresistible (laughs)

Starting with “knowing your own sensibilities”, you will be able to “conscious of unconsciousness” by expressing “feelings that spring up from the back of your chest” with the feeling that “beautiful things are beautiful” and “pleasant things are pleasant”.

I believe that it leads to “bringing out individuality that you do not even know”, and that you can meet you who are more attractive.

In order to be conscious of unconsciousness, “being natural” is important, “By knowing your sensibilities and expressing the emotions that spring from the back of your chest, you can bring out the individuality that you do not know and meet you who are more attractive”

This also applies to “How can I get popular with women?”

As a common situation, a woman says, “I wasn’t aware of it until now, but I loved you before I noticed it.”

Why is this the case?

I think that’s because women who have noticed words and gestures that you are not aware of have become aware of your charm.

If that’s the case, the previous state was unconscious.

Because so, right?

Do you like people after thinking about why?

At first, the emotions that are only vaguely “This person is good …” and “The smile is cute …” begin to notice each other as they interact.

She noticed me because I hadn’t noticed it before.

That made me aware of that.

I think that leads to “be conscious of the unconscious”.

By noticing each other’s charms, they love each other and become captivated by each other.

The couple would say this with their mouths together.

There’s no reason to like people.

There’s no reason to love people.

And as we look at each other, we’ll say.

There’s no reason to keep loving you.