【KEYAKIZAKA-46】”Let’s do this together!”~【メンタルエイド】英語版


“Mental Aid” sent from “Thinking technique that changes the future” ch

While introducing songs of various genres and entertainment of laughter, it is not only the spread of the new COVID19 infection, but also a “mental care specialized type” plan that will face your heart, heal, and turn into a smile, which is likely to be crushed by the worries and anxiety that are having in various things in this world.

“BRAND-NEW MUSIC DAYS” introduces songs that are like your “always by the side, heal your heart, and spend a peaceful time” with one theme every time.

What song do you want to deliver to your heart this time?

It is Silent Majority performed by "KEYAKIZAKA-46".   

KEYAKIZAKA-46 is a Japanese female idol group that was active from August 21, 2015 to October 13, 2020, and has been active since October 14, 2020 under the name Sakurazaka-46.

総再生時間 4:26

Let’s do this together!

~Even if you keep silent, nothing will change.~

(C)2020「DOCUMENTARY of 欅坂46」製作委員会

The government is making fun of the people.

The current ruling party calls other parties a nightmare government, but they are eager to create a hellish society for the people, protect the prime minister’s honor, twist the interpretation of the Japanese language and the definition of the Constitution under the name “Cabinet decision”, do not verify the merits and demerits of things, and cling to power.

There are many people who feel resentment about it but are silent after being deceived by convenient excuses instead of doing something at times…

While the prime minister’s every move applauds some people applaud with a look at an idol singer while pouring abuses on SNS to those who criticize the administration …

In a sense,

I feel that the government of this country can do anything with the support of a few percent of people.

The ruling party has been making cabinet appointments despite not holding the Diet and not receiving a nomination for the leader.

I think that it is clear that “the government is making fun of the people” even if it looks only here.

It is doing the thing which deprives the hungry child of food unabashedly, and eats devouring all remains without mind to cry.

Even if the people are facing the danger of their lives due to natural disasters and poverty, he says, “Do something for yourself.”

I will never support such people.

Satisfy only our greeds, starve those who must think most, sicken your mind, exhaust them, and exclude old pops and obasans who are eager to drive them to despair.

Let’s move forward to the future with those who are working hard to ensure the safety and security of all people’s lives and lives, which is the basic philosophy of politicians.

Perhaps the current administration is thinking, “If you can do it, try it.”

Let’s do it, shall we?

We must never forget the regret of those who have been forced to live a cramped life, deprived of their work, money, and smiles, and who have chosen the worst end of suicide in the middle of their will.

In the first place,

there is no need to just keep silent and patient with all the absurdity that falls upon us who were born in this country and live in this country.

Being silent is the worst thing for this country.

Those who do not speak up agree.

So, what are you going to do if you misunderstand the current administration?

Not if you’re a silent majority forever.

Even if it doesn’t change right away, it won’t take much if people who want to change the future can hold hands and continue walking with strong beliefs.

Everyone wants to enjoy their lives with dreams and hopes.

A dream doesn’t come true, it’s always going to come true.

Never give up

A new era is just around the corner.

It is not a case of just looking for people roughly, and it is not a case where the mind is shut because it is said that I cannot do anything.

Let’s proceed with our vows to “live to the dream that you have as much as possible”

I’m gonna do it!

Let’s do it together!